Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Too cute to cook or not?...

Cooking Challenge

If you are living in LA, pursuing your dreams, and you can make it happen in the kitchen..I want to meet you. Let me know what recipes you can whip up, and how fabulous you look doing it! If you can put aside the "Hollywood" lifestyle for a minute, roll up your sleeves and cook a delicious meal...Please email your best pictures, a small bio of yourself, and the recipe you're most proud of to The lucky lady chosen by our judges will get her dish cooked live by Chef Ameera on her web cast, and have your recipe tasted by some of your favorite celebs. Get blogged about, get talked about...Ladies of Los Angeles where you at??

We don't just ORDER....We COOK!

Hello all you fabulous people out there!! I am a self taught Celebrity Chef, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up on the west coast, my interests were going to the beach and always having a good time...with weather like it is out here, why not? As I got older, my interests changed....I began to see the place where I always lived as something bigger.

People move out to L.A. with dreams of acting, singing, dancing, modeling, and more....with Hollywood being the center of it all....the ultimate goal is to be a big star!! They spend their days auditioning, commuting, planning, networking, and partying...with little time left to cook or really prepare good meals for themselves. I have friends all over the globe, and those from the south especially, are always cooking these big meals, and eating very well!! You all know the sayings..."Everything's bigger in Texas"..."Home fed and Homegrown" in L.A., I always hear men saying that L.A. girls can't cook, all we know how to do is order. I personally have always loved to cook, and I don't miss a beat.

Well, this blog is going to be dedicated to all the beautiful women, who in the midst of chasing dreams and making money, are taking time with me to learn new recipes, cook, party plan and show their domestic side....behind the red carpets and all the glam...

L.A. Girls DO Cook!

Let me show you our journey!


Chef Ameera