Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How about a Mellow Yellow Party

Looking to plan the perfect Summer birthday party?! Say HELLO to YELLOW! By choosing a colored theme like yellow you can incorporate so many fun ideas and create a blend of warm and sunny vibes for everyone to enjoy!

To prepare for your yellow party send out yellow-themed birthday invitations emphasizing that that yellow is the attire for the celebration too!

 Once you begin buying materials for the party, plan around the theme. Buy yellow tulips or beautiful and big sunflowers. You can place these flowers on table tops adding extra beauty for everyone to see.
And you guessed it, the food and beverages will be yellow too, so plan to make some delicious lemonade. You can make all kinds of lemonade from strawberry and watermelon, to a cool minty drink. Mango and pineapple juice might be great additions as well. Beer and wine fit accordingly on the yellow menu, so include those if it fits in with your party. Yellow cakes, yellow cupcakes, and don’t forget those delicious sugar cookies! You can add fruit trays with pineapples and bananas, side dishes of banana pudding, and chips with mango salsa.  Sounds tasty, doesn't it?

To add some party favors, get some different sized clear candy jars with yellow ribbons tied around them and fill them with yellow candy like lemon heads, yellow lollipops, sour patch kids, jellybeans, peeps and anything else your sweet tooth craves.

To add some extra fun into the mix, get a yellow piƱata and make some yellow cocktails to really get the party started. 
 Hope this blog post gave you some great ideas for your next fiesta! At my next color coded shin dig, I will definitely let you guys take a look at how Chef Ameera does things by posting pictures and video. I hope Have a great party! Don't forget to share how your event went by sending pictures and video to my email or Twitter. Have a great party!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trim in the Kitch

As we all know, its Summer, or what I like to call, "beach body season". It's that one time of year where having the perfect physique truly matters. Although an active lifestlye helps to keep your love handles at bay, a healthy diet plays a huge role in shedding any extra pounds you may be holding on to. For those of you trying to maintain your beach bod for the remainder of Summer, you should definitely consider buying any one of these products to help you stay fit and healthy. Haven't started your "get fit" regimen yet? Don't fret! Start off slow and ease in by changing your diet habits. It may be hard at first, but it's well worth it. Remember, a healthy wholesome diet and a great workout regimen are the keys to reaching your physique's true potential.

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