Friday, April 22, 2011

Green in the Kitch!

Being green with envy is not a good look, but being green to help protect Mother Earth is truly something to brag about. Today's Earth Day and my desire to be greener in the kitchen were my inspirations behind this post. Though I may not be the "greenest" person, I am always looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint. I came across these fab kitchen products and gadgets that are not only chic, but most importantly, eco friendly, which gives them a few extra brownie points! All this green talk has got me thinking, how much could I reduce my carbon footprint in the kitchen if I gave these products a spin?

Happy Earth Day! Stay green!

All Food Recycling Compost Kit with Bokashi

Bagasse Compostable Plates

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's National Grilled Cheese Month and I'm Hungry!

Buttery crisp country french bread with oozing truffle cheese... I'm now officially hungry and it's National Grilled Cheese month. There are so many sinful combination but truffle cheese will always be at the top of my list.
Inspired by one of the most classic nostalgic treats,, someone came up with The Grilled Cheese Truck which travels around the streets of Los Angeles serving up one of my favorite comforts. The post their daily location on their website and via their twitter feed. If you find that you can't get to a posted location, there is a link where you can get your very own Grilled Cheese truck. I haven't had the pleasure to enjoy the trucks comfort classic but I think I might check them out tonight in Downtown at Artwalk. My mouth is watering for the short rib grilled cheese.
I hope all of you get to enjoy one of my favorite go to foods after a long day in the kitchen add a cup of tomato basil soup and I'm in heaven. I have a ton of work to do and deadlines to meet so I'll share one of my favorite recipes for grilled cheese and tomato soup next week. Until then I'll be working hard living out my dreams and I hope you do to!..Ciao

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Start off your day focused and Green

If you are like me, your day starts early with a jam packed schedule that will leave you drained and sluggish if your body isn't getting the proper fuel. To stay focused and on task with ample energy, I like to start my day off with a delicious green goddess juice.

In addition to fueling your body with the right fuel, you must first feed your mind and spirit with the right information to keep your thoughts positive. You manifest what you have in your life so keep your thoughts positive, meditate, have a vision, focus on it, mix in some positive affirmations, a big dollop of prayer and you have part of the recipe for a successful abundant life. I juggle 2 girls, one a teenager headed to college next year, and a nine year old who thinks the world revolves around her. I want the best for myself and like to lead by example for my little girls seeing me do it all by myself. You have the option to put the ingredients in a blender, which is more filling or juicing them in a juicer. Add this juice to your morning routine and watch your energy level increase while your waistline will decrease. The following recipe yield was from a juicer. Be careful not to get the Chlorophyl directly on your hands or clothes. it does stain. Think of it as a super concentrated grass stain... get the point! This morning, I saw a pineapple and some cilantro I bought last week starting to spoil so I tossed it in the juicer. If I didn't, they would have been in the trash and I don't like to waste my hard earned money. I have been re-training my self not to waste so much food and I've been doing a great job at it. You night be thinking, "I don't have enough time in the morning to juice!" The same applies to me depending on what time I go to sleep so I like to juice the night before so I don't have an excuse and I stay on track. When incorporating something new in your routine, you must plan properly until you have adjusted or will set yourself up for failure and we are winners! Once your start juicing, it will be hard going back to the concentrated juice that is so conveniently available. Believe me, you and your kids will love it. Winning!!!!

Green Goddess
3 Apples
8 leaves collard greens or kale
1 lemon, free of rind and pulp
1 tsp agave(optional)
1 dropperful Chlorogen Chlorophyl Concentrate
Makes 10oz

Feed all ingredients through a juicer I have a Breville Ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain which I absolutely love, I like to start with the kale for easier clean-up followed by the apple, then lemon.Add a dropperful of the liquid chlorophyl and stir. Pour in a glass and enjoy your newfound energy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Camarena Taco Truck Launch Party

On a beautiful sunny afternoon in Hollywood, California the Camarena Taco truck rolled into town to debut their new tequila infused tasty treats created by José Briceño of Rivera restaurant. The menu was nothing short of fantastic: There was much anticipation and a long line to accompany it so I made my way to the bar where I was treated to a Tequila Sunrise. My taste buds just love anything tropical and sweet.

I sipped my cocktail as I waited in line and finally it was my turned to sample the tequila infused treats. I was delighted by each bite but my favorite would have to be the corn flan. What a surprising experience. I do not like flan at all but this unexpected savory dish left me wanting another bite. Too bad we were only allowed one sample. Too appease our sweet tooth, the desserts were also infused with Cameron tequila and were provided by I Heart Pies with three flavors to choose from, I knew I was in for a treat.

Lime, Strawberry, and an Orange chocolate were a taste bud tickling treat and I couldn't help but have a few extra of the Orange Chocolate pie, my favorite. I just love interactive events, it's a way for brands to engage their customers and leave a lasting impression so I made my way over to the photo booth so I could take a piece of the event home with me. The Green Screen had a fun themed set-up and pictures were printed immediately along with options to upload to Facebook and Twitter instantaneously. How about that for branding! Just when I thought the afternoon couldn't get any better, in walks Vikter Duplaix to bless us with his musical talent at the dj booth. I just went to his Kiss and Grind event the night before so I ready ready to hear what music selection he was going to bless the crowd with. Samba, Micheal Jackson, and everything to keep the party going.Great food, amazing drinks, and music that wakes you want to dance as is no one is watching is perfection in my world. To find out when the taco truck will be in your area passing out FREE tacos, check the Camarena Tequila community page.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Modern in the Kitch

Looking for ways to reinvent your drab old kitchen? Check out these modern kitchen tools that'll knock those traditional ones out of the drawers and cabinets. When it comes to kitchen and dining accessories, I've always had an inclination for all things modern and silver. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my traditional rustic kitchenware, but sometimes I'm in the mood for something in the now. Take a look at the modern kitchen accessories I stumbled upon.

Prepara - Herb Savor

Prepara - Oil Mister

Where has the love gone......

I can't believe it's been nearly three months since I've posted...Being a private chef, you cater to the needs of your clients while your needs become secondary. While I absolutely LOVE what I do and wouldn't trade it for anything.... It's definitely been a challenge stealing time away for all of you. I have at least 40 drafts from posts I started and didn't have the time to finish!

Well over the past month my client was traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Chicago Bulls and I now have a little time on my hands to share my culinary tidbits with all of you. I'll be posted some of those drafts along with a bunch of new posts to tickle your fancy or at least make your taste buds wiggle.

My mini me has been dying to contribute to the blog so you'll get to meet my LAGDC chef in training soon. She's 9-years old and can cook just like her mama. Check out her skills chopping some italian parsley!

She's just about the age I was when I realized I had an innate passion for food. I would have a complete dinner prepared for my mother by the time she arrived home from work by the time I was 10-years old! I look forward to hearing from you as I show you some of my clients favorite dishes(and not so favorite), my testing of recipes, my must-have gadgets, tips on healthy living, and the best places to dine in LA.

Ciao bella :)