Monday, April 11, 2011

Camarena Taco Truck Launch Party

On a beautiful sunny afternoon in Hollywood, California the Camarena Taco truck rolled into town to debut their new tequila infused tasty treats created by José Briceño of Rivera restaurant. The menu was nothing short of fantastic: There was much anticipation and a long line to accompany it so I made my way to the bar where I was treated to a Tequila Sunrise. My taste buds just love anything tropical and sweet.

I sipped my cocktail as I waited in line and finally it was my turned to sample the tequila infused treats. I was delighted by each bite but my favorite would have to be the corn flan. What a surprising experience. I do not like flan at all but this unexpected savory dish left me wanting another bite. Too bad we were only allowed one sample. Too appease our sweet tooth, the desserts were also infused with Cameron tequila and were provided by I Heart Pies with three flavors to choose from, I knew I was in for a treat.

Lime, Strawberry, and an Orange chocolate were a taste bud tickling treat and I couldn't help but have a few extra of the Orange Chocolate pie, my favorite. I just love interactive events, it's a way for brands to engage their customers and leave a lasting impression so I made my way over to the photo booth so I could take a piece of the event home with me. The Green Screen had a fun themed set-up and pictures were printed immediately along with options to upload to Facebook and Twitter instantaneously. How about that for branding! Just when I thought the afternoon couldn't get any better, in walks Vikter Duplaix to bless us with his musical talent at the dj booth. I just went to his Kiss and Grind event the night before so I ready ready to hear what music selection he was going to bless the crowd with. Samba, Micheal Jackson, and everything to keep the party going.Great food, amazing drinks, and music that wakes you want to dance as is no one is watching is perfection in my world. To find out when the taco truck will be in your area passing out FREE tacos, check the Camarena Tequila community page.

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