Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Start off your day focused and Green

If you are like me, your day starts early with a jam packed schedule that will leave you drained and sluggish if your body isn't getting the proper fuel. To stay focused and on task with ample energy, I like to start my day off with a delicious green goddess juice.

In addition to fueling your body with the right fuel, you must first feed your mind and spirit with the right information to keep your thoughts positive. You manifest what you have in your life so keep your thoughts positive, meditate, have a vision, focus on it, mix in some positive affirmations, a big dollop of prayer and you have part of the recipe for a successful abundant life. I juggle 2 girls, one a teenager headed to college next year, and a nine year old who thinks the world revolves around her. I want the best for myself and like to lead by example for my little girls seeing me do it all by myself. You have the option to put the ingredients in a blender, which is more filling or juicing them in a juicer. Add this juice to your morning routine and watch your energy level increase while your waistline will decrease. The following recipe yield was from a juicer. Be careful not to get the Chlorophyl directly on your hands or clothes. it does stain. Think of it as a super concentrated grass stain... get the point! This morning, I saw a pineapple and some cilantro I bought last week starting to spoil so I tossed it in the juicer. If I didn't, they would have been in the trash and I don't like to waste my hard earned money. I have been re-training my self not to waste so much food and I've been doing a great job at it. You night be thinking, "I don't have enough time in the morning to juice!" The same applies to me depending on what time I go to sleep so I like to juice the night before so I don't have an excuse and I stay on track. When incorporating something new in your routine, you must plan properly until you have adjusted or will set yourself up for failure and we are winners! Once your start juicing, it will be hard going back to the concentrated juice that is so conveniently available. Believe me, you and your kids will love it. Winning!!!!

Green Goddess
3 Apples
8 leaves collard greens or kale
1 lemon, free of rind and pulp
1 tsp agave(optional)
1 dropperful Chlorogen Chlorophyl Concentrate
Makes 10oz

Feed all ingredients through a juicer I have a Breville Ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain which I absolutely love, I like to start with the kale for easier clean-up followed by the apple, then lemon.Add a dropperful of the liquid chlorophyl and stir. Pour in a glass and enjoy your newfound energy.

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