Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keeping love in the air after the Valentine's Day rush is over

Ladies, we have successfully perpetuated Valentine’s day as a day to celebrate loving the one closest to us. We plan for it around the same time every year (around the time the New Year ball drops)yet most men do not reap the benefits of this day. They write it off as a day to cater to the woman's romantic inclinations. Once the date is done and the romantic romp is through, like a pumpkin at midnight "poof" it all goes back to normal. But ladies, it is 2010 and men should have the opportunity to be just as excited by the thought of V-day as we are. By doing so, you are prolonging the romantic euphoria. So kick it up a notch this year and follow up V-day's traditional and predictable trend of dinner and a movie date with a sexy play date day for your man.
The key is to engage him mentally, stimulate him orally, and get a little “hands on”… We’re talking food of course… You can create a meal filled with aphrodisiacs to get you and your honey going from zero to sixty in no time. Of course there is the sweet yet infamous chocolate strawberry duo, and even honey itself is an aphrodisiac but lets remix the usage. For example, who said the chocolate had to be on the strawberry? Chocolate body painting anyone? Other sexy foods include oysters, walnuts, oranges, steak, the list goes on and on. So turn on the music, light the candles, make a meal that will make his mouth water and his heart melt… naughty tip- let him know what each aphrodisiac he samples is supposed to do to him as you feed it to him. Half the price of V-day, twice the intimacy, and zero hassle … sounds sexy to me already.

For aphrodisiac recipes, tips, and/or a list of sexy side effects, email info@chefameera.com

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