Thursday, May 6, 2010

LA Girls in a DC state of mind

Part of the LA Girls DO Cook team is bringing the West coast to the East! We headed to the nations capital to see how the DC ladies are bringing it. Especially with Michelle Obama's push for healthier living amongst the youth we just had to come check it out for ourselves! Not only are we turning heads with our LA Style, we're picking up little tidbits of flair from the lovely ladies of Washington!

DC sexy involves: bright colors! We were surrounded by DC natives who sported the vibrant colors in not only their wardrobe but right down to the nail colors!!!

LA Sexy: Racy colors. Deep wine reds, and french tips! You know we LA ladies keep it classy and always red carpet ready!

On the layover from LA to DC, we picked up the book " SKINNY BITCH" by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin! Beyond the cussing and potty mouth approach that the authors chose, this is an excellent book! It really made this half of the team take a second look at what we eat!... this is not your run -of- the- mill diet book and it is because of the book that we have decided to spend our time in DC as vegans/ vegetarians!

So far, we have discovered DC's Chop't! A delightful menu that caters to the vegan and vegetarian diet. Yummy and filling! We recommend the vegetarian powerhouse option...

So far, we can definitely say that DC is its own culture with its own the slang, music, and food. The ladies don't go off of what media fashion dictates, centepede twists, gogo music and chicken mumbo sauce... where else in the world can you find that?

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