Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Simpsons gave me the BEST Diet advice

Everyone is familiar with the hilarious antics of the Simpsons cartoon. But the best diet advice I had ever learned was from one of their episodes. It was the episode where Homer Simpson had received a serious health scare and was prompted by his doctor to change his eating habits. The lovable and rotund Homer is a junk food addict so the fruits and veggies spiel was not enough to stop him from eating foods he wasn't supposed to. The doctor told him, that he cannot eat foods that leave a greasy residue on surfaces that he rubs them on. As a result, throughout the episode Homer and Bart were rubbing food products on windows, papers, pretty much anything they could find (which I don't recommend you do) however, take that concept and run with it. Anything that you wouldn't rub on your face, don't eat it! It ends up on your face anyways. Or anything that you wouldn't massage into your own skin, don't consume. It's really your call, what you put into your body. The lesson I pulled from Homer was to be able see and process what you are putting into your body before you eat it. If you do your body will thank you!!!!

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