Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Designer fruit looks like a white strawberry but tastes like a pineapple?

The pineberry that's who! It's said to combine the shape and texture of a strawberry with a flavour and smell similar to that of a pineapple.When the fruit is sweet and juicy enough to eat, the flesh is almost totally white but studded with red seeds - the reverse of the usual variety.

They were discovered wild in South America and Dutch farmers brought them to Europe. They are only available about 5 weeks from about April to early May. A 125g punnet will cost just about £3.99. Are those words and prices looking foreign to my US counterparts? They should, unfortunately, they are not available for purchase in the US as of yet. As soon as I get word the Pineberries are for sale, I'll let you know.

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