Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Event Planning

2011 BET Awards

Planning an event can be a bit overwhelming, whether it is an employee event, a product launch or even a special event such as the BET awards. To prepare for events like these, there are some key essentials that anyone planning or hosting an event should tack down to have the best outcome. For starters, you want to make sure the purpose of the soiree is clear and to also build strong client relations in the meantime. In addition to in the flesh communications, there are plenty of networking tools available at your fingertips to jump start on those relations. One of those tools is the ever growing social media platform, which enables you to engage with a wide spectrum of people and expand your relations wherever the internet goes, which could be anywhere in the world! Once that is done, choose a venue that can cater to all your needs. I have learned form personal experience that without organization, everything will fall apart. Stay on task by making a list of everything you need so nothing is left out. Don't forget to plan ahead of time! That way you aren't running around like a mad man trying to cram everything at the last minute. As the driving force behind any great party, your budget is extremely important in ensuring your bash has all the frills and thrills you planned to have. Once you have completed your checklist, conduct a walk through of everything. Once everything is organized and solidified, you can finally get excited! There's nothing like a perfectly planned event full of enthusiasm and great energy. As the host, creating good vibes throughout the room is the best way to thank your guests for attending and the best strategy for being known as a spectacular party planner. Last but not least, don’t stress yourself out too much. Just remember to enjoy each moment you spend planning your bash, even the dull moments. Have fun planning the soiree you've always wanted to throw!
Me at the 2011 BET Awards. Yep, I catered! Great event.


Sandra said...

You look so happy:)) Great smile!:)
I love how you described planing the event..I would freak out for sure with all the things going on..:)

Chef Ameera said...

Thanks for all the love Sandra, I appreciate it! Can't wait to guest blog with you next month