Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting rubbed ...the right way

Not only is the LA Girls DO Cook team always working and researching and staying busy, we are always looking for new experiences and adventures to get into. But of course, we understand the importance of slowing down, reflecting, and planning our next move. We are only human! With that realization, is the notion behind taking care of ourselves. In efforts to do so, we have found Dr. Julie Thong!

She is an amazing aromatherapy specialist that works miracles with oils!
From her rain drop technique, to her wand treatments, Dr. Thong is a must have on a day where your feet need attention from a guru!

So, for the day that you wear the cute but snug stillettos you bought on sale because they were the last pair, have Dr. Julie's number ready.

She is located at 23823 Hawthorne Blvd Torrence CA 90505

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BFF said...

Also, if you want to receive her amazing treatment, you need to call 310-679-8100 or email her to book an appointment. Check out her website at