Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Veggin out

The LA Girls DO Cook team LOVES TO EAT!!! In lieu of this bit of info about ourselves, we have developed a system against junk foods. Now don't get us wrong, we are by no means skinny, nor have we mastered the art of calorie counting on our days of leisure, but we know that our bodies deserve the best, so we found a couple of ways to indulge smartly!

The TV is usually the place where most Americans stop thinking, hence it is also the place we eat mindlessly! Set yourself up for successful snaking. Keep some kale chips, wheat crisps, or bolder canyon chips nearby. A personal favorite of the team happens to be popcorn! Not the butter saturated, salt filled, artery clogging gunk they serve at the movie theaters.

We are nuts, about nuts! Almonds, Macadamia, Walnuts, Peanuts! These are the perfect little handfuls for when you are on the go. They come in packets so that you are able stuff them in your purse or pocket quickly.

Cereal: Everybody has a box of cereal in their cabinet! It makes for a great crunchy snack. We recommend less sugary cereals. Honey bunches of oats is a great one....

The best part about all of the aforementioned snacks, is that you can train your brain to get full off of these small finger foods. If you have a limited supply of nuts, cereal, or popcorn then eat one morsel at a time... TRY IT! Instead of grabbing a fistful of popcorn and shoving it down your throat, pick up one piece at a time. Your brain will get tired of the up and down motion your hand makes to bring the food to your mouth. This tricks you into thinking you've eaten more than you really have!

Veggies are great to ... well... veg out with. Celery sticks or mini carrots are ideal tasty snacks!

Fruit cocktails! Fruit cocktails are deliciously tricky. They can be drenched in sugary syrups, and preservatives. We prefer to make our own quick and healthy alternative to the traditionally store bought product fruit cocktails. For the recipe... email us at info@LAGIRLSDOCOOK.COM

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