Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Few Kitchen Tips to save Time & Money

Photo by Wary Meyer

I compiled a small list of kitchen tips that have been not only helpful to me, but to my friends and family. I few of them might seem familiar and you might know them  but, In my experience, we tend to forget the most simple things!

Here ya go:

1. The best time to clean out your fridge is before you go shopping for groceries. You'll know exactly what you need and won't have double items sitting in the fridge.

2. Before going to the store, make sure you have a LIST made from the meals you plan to prepare for the week. Time saver = Yes! Money saver = Heck Yeah!!!!! That leaves more money to save or snag a pair of shoes at the Barney sale!

3. When making your own chicken stock, keep the onion peel on the onion to lend a richer, more appetizing color to the stock. To make the stock fat-free, after it has chilled, skim the fat off the top!

4. You know not to wash your cast iron skillet with soap, right? Just give it a good rinse with water and make sure it’s dry. You want that seasoning to stay on the skillet so food won’t stick to it.

5. Using a digital food scale makes your baking better and faster. If you don't know, I'm not a huge fan of baking because it requires such precise measurements. Using a scale will lead to consistent recipes every single time!

6.  Want a 2 for 1 deal out of dinner? Make sure you set aside your lunch portion first before you serve dinner.

7. When juicing, place a trash bag in the pulp collecting receptacle for easy clean-up.

8. Place used lemon peels in the garbage disposal to help clean and freshen your sink.

9. To keep celery fresh, trim it and put it in a container full of water in the fridge. It will last a long time while it’s covered with water.

10. To keeps herbs fresh in the fridge, wash and pat them dry. Place them in a small container fill with water and change the water every 3 days.

I'm always looking for additional ways to save time and money. What tips can you share that save you time and money?

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