Monday, November 28, 2011

YOU Are The Best Investment You Can Make

The true mark of an LA Girl is that she is fierce, sassy, and sexy at all times. Many women struggle with different aspects of their health. We are so immersed in caring for others that we neglect ourselves ( it's our amazing selfless nature). Don't put yourself on the back burner. If you want to continue caring for your loved ones and taking care of those around you, you have to take care of YOU first. It is not selfish, it is a reality. The best investment you can make is within yourself! So to prepare you for this self care regimen L.A Girls Do Cook is happily passing along our tried and true mini check list of things to aid you on your road to healthy.

1. A Mental Diagnostic- Many women spend very little time figuring out what exactly is causing their decline in health. For example, for many women it is overeating (ourselves included). Have you ever thought about why you overeat? Is it out of nervousness or social courtesy? Did someone tell you as a child to always finish your plate because other starving children would appreciate it more? Whatever the reason is for your ailment, many times if you give it some thought, you can pinpoint the culprit of your stressors. It is a great starting point! We suggest journaling to track your feelings and habits when you engage in unhealthy activities like over eating.

2. An Appointment- Don't do it alone! There are huge advantages to seeing a medical professional to help in your journey. They can give you insight on what kind of legwork you have to do to remedy the problem. In the case of overeating, they can formulate a diet regimen for you to follow to attain your goals! The care plan is completely tailored to you, and is much safer than taking another person's word for it. 

3.Commitment to a Routine- Do you ever watch horror films and there is always that one character who doesn't stick to the plan and their fate goes horribly awry? This is not the type of situation. Your habits are your habits and they take time to break, so give yourself wiggle room for a period of adjustment (be sensible). Make up your mind that you are going to put you first! Stick to the plan! The impending results will create a desire to continue in your routine.

There are infinite possibilities in you for displaying your best self! The world deserves a chance to bask in your presence while you are radiating your most attractive, positive energy! That's what being an LA Girl is all about!

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